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Daniel Michaels
On twitter
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Peter Martin
On twitter
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Jacob Carr
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4 Pillars Of PERMANENT Transformation…


Our childhood wounds affect every area of life and can block money, love and opportunities from coming into our life. When we heal it's like opening up a floodgate of new connections and experiences.


As we integrate our shadow, we become less fragmented energetically and our actions begin to align with our deepest desires in a more consistent way, allowing us to clearly and courageously cultivate the life we desire


Learn how to activate your intuition and power from within so you can unlock your true manifestation power and take aligned, inspired action to create your dream life.


Let go of the negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck and instantly raise your love vibration and cultivate unwavering self-love, worth, esteem, and confidence for your future success.

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Weekly Transformation Sessions

Every single week you will be able to join a live transformational session from either Aaron, Victor, Matt, Pattie, Doug, Heather, or our other special guests. All these sessions will be centered around creating lifelong transformation so you can create your dream life.

Different Techniques

Every week will entail a different style of coaching, from breathwork, self-love ceremonies to different activation workshops. These have all been specifically designed to help you become the highest version of yourself. Make sure to join different types of sessions as you might be surprised by what you enjoy the most!

Exclusive Member Platform

When you join The Vortex Weekly you’ll be part of an exclusive membership platform where you’ll not only get notified of the upcoming weekly sessions but you’ll be able to access all previous recordings and resources that will help you start creating and living your best life.

One Of A Kind Community

Imagine being able to tap into the collective wisdom of like-minded individuals on the exact same spiritual journey as yourself? Together, each and every member of the community will help motivate and support one another and hold each other accountable to become their best self.

Special Guests

Every month or so we will host special guest coaching sessions where we will bring in different experts from our network to coach you on how to achieve success in their specialist area. Inside these rare sessions, you’ll learn the secrets from those who have achieved abundant financial and spiritual wealth.


We don’t want this to be another digital dust collector where you sign up for a membership and fail to consume all of the content. With The Vortex weekly you’ll be able to download the app and access the platform and coaching sessions from any device, anywhere, whenever you want.


Why We Decided To Create The Vortex Weekly…

Hey, Vic & Aaron here…

And as you may have noticed, right now, we are living through an unprecedented consciousness evolution taking place on the planet.

This is why this program, this weekly dose of transformation has been carefully crafted to help you excel and reach your true potential through this shift.

Now more than ever is the perfect time to step into your personal power, claim your worth, and start living your purpose.

If you would like to be a part of the movement then make sure to join The Vortex Weekly today!


We are so glad you are here! There's a plan for every type of need- choose the one that fits your needs best. Both plans auto-renew so be sure to make any changes 7 days before the end of your subscription cycle.



  • Weekly LIVE transformation sessions

  • Access to previous session recordings

  • Exclusive member platform

  • One of a kind community

  • Access to apps on all your devices



  • Weekly LIVE transformation sessions

  • Access to previous session recordings

  • Exclusive member platform

  • One of a kind community

  • Access to apps on all your devices